Silicone Balloon Infuser

Single-use elastomeric infusion pump for continuous drug administration.
This product as non-electronic infusion pump can administer medicine of certain amount by inserting a needle or catheter into a vein by injecting drug stored in the balloon.

Product Instruction

Bellomic©  Intended Use

  • Single-use, disposable ambulatory infusion pump.
  • To infuse medication continuously into a patient.
  • A non-electric silicon balloon pump administered by inserting a needle or
    catheter into a vein.
  • To inject medication on demand (bolus) for additional pain control.
  • Ambulatory infusion pump for cancer patient.
  • Infusional chemotherapy
  • Pain Management
    Continuous Peripheral Nerve Block(CPNB)
    Continuous Wound Infusion (CWI)
  • Antibiotic/Antiviral Therapy

Bellomic©  compnent


  • Composed of Silicone, Connector
  • Durable hard case pump of silicone
  • Solid snap-fit silicone assembly
    → No sharp point mean, No silicone damage
  • Easy to see the residual volume
  • Additional tube kinking protector in the bottom case


Snap-fit Assembly

Bolus Technique

  • Design with overdose prevention mechanism
  • Natural flow of drug from top to bottom
  • No press, No infusion
  • Silicone check valve opens passage holes
    only when pressure is applied
  • No sagging of drug reservoir bag due to
    good elasticity material even if injected
    several times.

Appearance when the bolus bag is filled


Air Filter (1.2m)

  • Remove the air bubbles and particles.

Particle Filter(15m) [Micro Filter, Chemo Filter]

  • Filter to remove foreign particle.
  • Prevent of blockage due to drug crystallization.
  • Particle filter’s damping mechanism structure enables maintainly steady flow pressure.

T-Injection Valve (150m)

  • Injection port with disc filter.
  • Prevent potential glass debris of ampule.

Particle Filter

Air Filter

T-injection Value